When the Witswatersrand National Botanical Gardens became the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens in 2004, a physical link was required to honour the name, life and impact of Walter Sisulu. The design set out to not only create a memorial for Sisulu, but introduce interactive spaces which would encourage engagement with the visitors of the space. Five areas of use were created within the memorial circle; an open lawn picnic space, a zero-depth interactive water feature accommodating children's play, an area to showcase the bronze sculpture of Walter Sisulu, a planted wetland area incorporating a wet wall with botanical and educational interest, and a multi-purpose open space where events and functions could be held.

The hardscaping elements resemble the surrounding landscape, as natural rock from nearby areas was used. Inspired by the established, natural environment, the plant palette includes succulent species, cliff-hanging species, and aquatic species within the wetland. The design was therefore able to honour both Walter Sisulu as well as the unique, natural environment encompassing the site.