University of Mpumalanga: Residential, Dining & Student Support Building

Extensive research was conducted by the DHET (Department of Higher Education and Training) in order to establish a new university that would serve the Mpumalanga Province. This resulted in a phased, 15-year Implementation Plan, with project management from the University of Mpumalanga, as well as design guidelines provided by Ludwig Hansen Architects & Urban Designers. kwpCREATE entered at the beginning of the second phase of the University of Mpumalanga’s development during 2018 as the landscape architects.

The Residential, Dining & Student Support building was completed in August 2019. Ordered around existing, indigenous trees, the built fabric formed multiple courtyard spaces in which students are able to live out onto the landscape.

The external courtyards and exterior spaces are defined by the built-in and loose seating opportunities, the ample supply of trees to provide adequate shade in a hot climate, the addition of drinking fountains, spill-out lawn spaces and an extensively researched plant palette inspired by the surrounding landscape.