Gift Acres Estate, Lynnwood Ridge, Pretoria


This house in the newly developed Gift Acres estate was designed for a couple and their two Boston Terriers. The site is quite small, 398m², with a 12.1m north facing street boundary. The Estate has stringent architectural aesthetical guidelines which govern aspects such as height, roof coverings, window and door types etc. to ensure a level of architectural homogeneity on the small stands, each who will have his or her own architect.

The house is on a steep site (5.5 m slope from south to north) on two levels with a double garage on the lower level and a 120m² house with 27m² of patios and balconies on the higher level. The owners are both keen gardeners and to keep the dogs from ruining their indigenous succulent collection, this was moved to a roof garden over the whole extent of the upper floor. To accommodate larger species such as the Naboom and big aloes, a soil depth of 400mm was provided. The roof garden is accessible from a steel bridge at the back of the house. Two bedrooms, one en-suite bathroom and one separate bathroom, an open plan kitchen, dining and lounge and a 15m² undercover patio provide the accommodation that the owners required.